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Carpet Repair

Avoiding a Total Replacement

Carpet is one of the most enjoyable flooring solutions available, and finds its way into homes and businesses around the world. Softer and more comfortable than hardwood or tile, carpet can help make a room something special. But it can also become damaged or dirty easily, especially if care isn't taken to maintain it. While a frayed end, worn spot, bubbles, or other damaged areas can cause you serious grief, it isn't the end of the line for your carpet. You may be able to avoid having to completely replace your carpet if you call on a luxury carpet repair specialist to help with the issue.

For bubbled up spots in a carpet, restretching may need to take place. There are many different issues that can cause this problem, but most come down to poor installation. Most of these issues can be fixed quickly and easily by professionals but can give a homeowner a huge headache since the technique is so precise. Seams are another issue that can be repaired with relative ease by a luxury carpet repair specialist. Bare spots in seams are a common issue, and professionals can return your carpet's seams to their newly installed appearance quickly and effortlessly.

There are many instances where a carpet may have to be re-dyed. Colors can fade or be bleached out by chemicals, spills, or even steady exposure to the sun. When this happens, careful re-dying can return the color to your carpet and make it seem as though the faded color never even existed. Rebinding and spot removal are all easily taken care of by a professional, but will seem to be an absolutely impossible task by those who aren't experienced at the job. Even spots that seem to be ruined forever may be a small matter in the hands of a seasoned pro, which is why contacting them before you do something drastic is often the best call.

You don't have to resign yourself to living with a damaged carpet, or spend thousands on replacing your carpet due to a couple of damaged spots. Instead, take a few moments to contact a company specializing in luxury carpet repair. Let the professionals take a look at the issues you're facing. In most cases it will be easier and cheaper than you think to repair damaged carpets and rugs. You can save yourself time and money on a repair instead of a replacement, and give your carpet a new lease on life.

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