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Carpet Cleaning

Reclaim your Floors

Nothing feels quite like fresh, immaculate carpet. Walking barefoot across a carpet is pleasure for your toes, and carpet itself carries with it a warmth and comfort that hardwood or tile floors simply lack. The main problem with carpet, however, and one reason why many people simply avoid it at all costs is that it can be difficult to clean. This is especially true if you have pets or children, two groups that can reduce a stunning carpet to a drab, dingy, smelly thing that few in the family are even willing to set foot on. Luxury carpet cleaning can help you reclaim your carpet, however, and return it to its former glory.

Soil can become imbedded in the very fibers of a carpet, and even the rentable steam cleaners that are available at some stores won't get all of the dirt out. Luxury carpet cleaning is a multi-stage process that will take time and effort to get right. In the end, your carpets will look brand new, especially when you consider that repairs are more than possible in extreme cases. Whether you want to focus on a single room of your home or have every carpet you own cleaned by professionals, the results will amaze you.

A heavy duty vacuum system is the usual way to begin a luxury carpet cleaning job, followed by special attention paid to the areas most in need of cleaning. A pre-grooming process will then work to loosen the ground in dirt and debris from your carpet fibers, followed by an extensive hot water cleaning process that uses both vacuum pressure and high temperature water to ensure that the filth clinging to your carpet doesn't stand a chance. The carpet will then be reviewed for any spots that didn't get completely cleaned, and more attention will be paid to them.

It's important to realize that some stains are, sadly, permanent. Even the highest caliber luxury carpet cleaning won't be able to remove a red wine stain from a white carpet, especially if it's been part of the floor for months. But in all but the most extreme cases, a heavy duty cleaning will give your carpet the look and feel of a brand new floor. You'll want to walk across it again, and can rest easy watching your kids play on it. If you're tired of your dingy, drab, dirty carpet, a professional cleaning can reinvigorate your floors in ways you can't even imagine.

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