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Luxury Carpet Cleaning – About Us

If you're tired of staring at your faded, dirty, dingy, and weathered carpet or rug and wishing that they could be returned to their former glory, you've found the right place. With years of experience under our belts we pride ourselves on delivering luxury carpet cleaning at affordable prices. Many people are amazed at just what carpet cleaning done by professionals can do to their rooms. You can revitalize even the oldest carpets, giving them a like new appearance that you won't believe. There are numerous different services we offer, and each one will deliver stellar results that will leave you speechless.

For carpets that have seen better days, we offer a full service luxury carpet cleaning service that tackles the dirt and grime head on using a combination of safe cleaning agents, durable professional brushes that deliver real results, and high temperature steam cleaning. Even carpets that have been damaged can be repaired by our skilled technicians, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars that you would have spent buying a new carpet and having it installed. It's worth giving luxury cleaning a try if you're unsure of just what it can do for you, since the results are usually well above expectations.

In addition to luxury carpet cleaning, we also provide rug and upholstery cleaning as well. Whether it's a velvet sofa or an antique oriental rug, we have the tools and the experience needed to do the job right. Cleaning delicate materials on your own can cause damage instead of leading to results, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide cleaning solutions for even the trickiest items. Don't risk damaging your prized rug or ruining your expensive furniture – trust the professionals to clean them for you and watch as the colors return to their vibrant, bright selves again.

We utilize green cleaning solutions so there's no danger to the environment, your family, or your pets. This means no harsh chemicals and no dangerous products, just luxury carpet cleaning at its very finest. If you're tired of your sofa smelling like your dog or looking at that worn down, dingy trail where the highest traffic load crosses your living room floor, you owe it to yourself and to your carpet to consider giving it a good, thorough cleaning. You invested your hard earned money into your carpet, and for a small investment you can keep it looking and smelling great. From regular dirt and grime to stubborn pet stains, we can help.

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